Brand New 517133-001 Adapter for HP New Touchsmart 300 Series Power Supply 200 Watt

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    Replace your old damaged swollen non working adapter with this high quality DELL 517133-001 replacement adapter and give your device a new life like ever before.
    100% Brand new and hiqh quality.
    Perfect replacement for your old DELL 517133-001 adapter.
    Best performance adapters just like your original company adapter.
    Compatible with HP New Touchsmart 300 Series Power Supply 200 Watt

  • Condition: Brand New
  • Brand: DELL
  • AC Input: 100 - 240V
  • DC Output:
  • Output Power: 200W
  • Warranty: Full 12 Months Warranty and 30 Days Money Back
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  • Product Description

    Overload protection; Short circuit protection; Over temperature protection
    Compact and lightweight design
    CE, FCC, RoHS etc certified for safety
    Perfect fitting and 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
    Super-Long Standy Time Guaranteed! 12 month warranty, 30 Days Money Back!
    Our Quality: We believe that our customers should receive the highest quality DELL 517133-001 Servers charger at the lowest prices. We stand by and guarantee the quality of our DELL 517133-001 Servers Ac Adapter.
    Our Service: We have a dedicated team of customer service executives who are eager to help you save time and money by sharing their knowledge and expertise on battery and related products.
    Your Satisfaction: Your absolute satisfaction is our top objective. We stand by the quality of our DELL 517133-001 Servers Ac Adapter and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our products, no questions asked. Our products also carry a 12-month full repair or replacement warranty for any form of manufacturing defects.


    Condition Replacement, Brand New
    SKU DEL17980_Se
    Brand DELL
    AC Input 100 - 240V
    DC Output
    Output Power 200W

    DELL 517133-001 adapter Can Replace The Following Part Numbers


    Compatible Model Numbers

    HP and Compaq including:
    HP TouchSmart 300-1300 PC FCAN
    CNCL HP TouchSmrt 300-1238hk PC HK
    HP Touch Smart 300-1018cn PC
    HP TouchSmaet 300-1038hk PC
    HP TouchSmaet 300-1058hk PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1000z CTO Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1005kr PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1007 Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1010jp PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1015de PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1015es PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1015gr PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1015me PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1017 Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1020 Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1020jp PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1025 Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1025be PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1025ch PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1025de PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1025gr PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1025nl PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1025sc PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1028d PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1030jp PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1038cn PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1038tw PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1040a PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1040in PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1050jp PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1058cn PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1060a PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1070d PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1100la Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1100z CTO Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1115be PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1115de PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1115es PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1115gr PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1115it PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1115pl PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1115pt PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1115sc PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1115uk PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1120 Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1120jp PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1122 Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1124 Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1125 Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1125ch PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1125de PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1125fr PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1125gr PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1125it PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1125me PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1125nl PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1125pl PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1125sc PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1125uk
    HP TouchSmart 300-1128 Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1129 Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1130jp PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1135es PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1135fr PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1138tw PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1140a PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1140in PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1150jp PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1160a PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1170d PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1200la Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1200z Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1205 Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1205z CTO Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1210be PC EUROA4
    HP TouchSmart 300-1210fr Rfrbd PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1210gr PC GRK
    HP TouchSmart 300-1210it PC ITL
    HP TouchSmart 300-1210me PC EUROR3
    HP TouchSmart 300-1210nl PC NL
    HP TouchSmart 300-1210pt PC PORT
    HP TouchSmart 300-1210sa PC MEASTA9
    HP TouchSmart 300-1210sc PC NRL
    HP TouchSmart 300-1210tr PC TURK
    HP TouchSmart 300-1210uk PC UK
    HP TouchSmart 300-1211cn PC PRC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1218CN PC PRC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1218hk PC HK
    HP TouchSmart 300-1220ch Rfrbd PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1220de PC GR
    HP TouchSmart 300-1220fr PC FR
    HP TouchSmart 300-1220gr PC GRK
    HP TouchSmart 300-1220jp PC JPN2
    HP TouchSmart 300-1220la Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1220me PC EUROR3
    HP TouchSmart 300-1220nl PC NL
    HP TouchSmart 300-1220uk PC UK
    HP TouchSmart 300-1223 Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1230cs PC EEUROA8
    HP TouchSmart 300-1230es PC SP
    HP TouchSmart 300-1230fr PC FR
    HP TouchSmart 300-1230jp PC JPN2
    HP TouchSmart 300-1230nl PC N
    HP TouchSmart 300-1230sc PC NRL
    HP TouchSmart 300-1230uk PC UK
    HP TouchSmart 300-1240in PC INDIA
    HP TouchSmart 300-1258CN PC PRC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1258hk PC HK
    HP TouchSmart 300-1270d PC THAI
    HP TouchSmart 300-1300z CTO Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1330 PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1340 PC
    HP TouchSmart 300-1360 PC
    HP TouchSmart300-1000la Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart300-1003 Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart300-1015fr PC
    HP TouchSmart300-1015uk PC
    HP TouchSmart300-1025fr PC
    HP TouchSmart300-1025it PC
    HP TouchSmart300-1025uk PC
    HP TouchSmart300-1220be PC EUROA4
    HP TouchSmart300-1230be PC EUROA4
    HP Touchsmart 300-1205kr PC KOR
    HP Touchsmart 300-1210de PC GR
    HP Touchsmart 300-1210es PC SP

    We are always following the service tenet: "Honest Working, Keep Improving, Quality First, Customer Paramountcy". Regardless of any problems you meet in the purchase process, please contact us in time and we will be glad to help you solve the problem. Reactivate your Servers by purchasing a new DELL 517133-001 adapter !

    * Please check the adapter pin size prior before you buy it.
    * Please be aware that the features/specifications can differ from country to country and the actual product may differ from the picture in appearance.
    * One Year Warranty, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. Brand New.

    Security Technology

    Multiple Protection Features, Safe and Worry-Free

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  • FAQs

    How to Select the correct DELL 517133-001 Servers Adapter
    Before purchasing DELL 517133-001 Servers you need to make sure make the replacement for 517133-001 Adapters will give you the correct voltage,suitable current output and the right "tips". Most Servers users travel, for tdose travel to Australia, Europe or US they require Servers adapters that take 100-240 voltage input and output 16 voltage or 19 voltage.
    You should Follow 2 easy steps to pick the right Servers adapters.
    1. Finding the right "output voltage" and "current output"
    To find out the voltage & current, turn your Servers over and look for a label, sticker or writing which shows the voltage and current.You can also find these shown on your original DELL AC Adapter 517133-001 if you have it.
    voltage [volts V]- it has to be the same as voltage value specified on your Servers.Different Servers were designed to consume power varied by equipments such as CD-Rom, LCD size, CPU maker and CPU speed. You require to use the "matching voltage" . Only use the Replacement For DELL 517133-001 Charger output the matching voltage of your Servers. You can easily locate your Servers voltage. Mostly, voltage is printed on your Servers. You also can check your Servers manual.
    Current output[ampere A] -it has to be the same or higher than the value specified on your Servers.The Amps may be higher but they cannot by lower. If you are purchasing a universal DELL 517133-001 Servers Adapter or Car Charger you will need to work out the Watts of your original DELL 517133-001 Servers adapter and select the universal DELL 517133-001 Adapter or Car Charger with the same Watts or next highest Wattage. You can work out the Wattage by multiplying the Voltage by the Amps i.e 16V X 4A = 64 Watts. There is no 64 Watt DELL 517133-001 AC Adapter so you will need to select the next step up which is the 70 Watt or higher Watt DELL 517133-001 Power Adapter.(NOTE: If the wattage requirement for your Servers is lower than the 64W of the adapter, it will not damage your Servers, your Servers will only take the amount of power it requires. I.E. If your Servers needs 50W, then either the 60W or 90W will work OK. If your Servers needs 80W then you will need the 90W one as the 75W one will not be powerful enough.)
    2. Finding the right "tips"
    Different Serverss have different connectors. You need the right tip for your Servers. This is very simply to find. Basically, laptop AC adapters comprise of 2 ends. One end is male power outlet. You use this end to plug into wall power outlet. The other end is called "TIP" which you will plug this tip into the "DC IN" in your Servers.
    Your Servers won't work on the wrong tip. You can only use the " matching Tips"
    Warning : DO NOT try to force it in.

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    Payment Methods

    Payment Methods

  • How to replace a power supply?

    Computer contain sensitive electronic components that are easily damaged by static electricity and excessive shock. When handling the power supply and other components, ensure you are properly grounded using an anti-static mat or similar device. If anti-static equipment is not available, ground yourself by touching the exterior of the computer case or another large metal surface before handling any peripherals.

    1. Installation of a power supply requires some mechanical skill and requires that you open your computer case to disconnect and reconnect wires. If you are unfamiliar with this kind of work, consider bringing your computer and replacement power supply to your local computer store for help.

      If you are replacing an old power supply in your computer, ensure the computer is shut down and disconnect the power cord from back of the old supply.

    2. Open your computer case. In most designs, the case is opened by removing two or three screws at the rear of the case and than sliding the covering panel back ward until it comes free. If your case is a tower type, ensure that you remove the panel that will expose the top of the computer's motherboard. This is generally the left side panel. There are many different case designs, however, so if you are unsure of how to open your particular case, consult the user manual for your case or contact your local computer store for help.
    3. Open the computer case. In order to access the housing, you may need to remove some of your components, such as the CPU fan. This will depend on your case layout.

      With the computer case open, review the connectors being used from your old power supply. If you are building a new computer, review the connectors that you will need to use. Check the type of connector on your motherboard and use either 20 or 24 pin ATX power connector on the power supply as appropriate.

    4. Disconnect the old power supply connections from inside your computer. Hard disk drive, CD drive and floppy disk drive connectors disconnect by pulling on the connector. The motherboard connector has a clip that must be pressed while pulling on the connector to release it. A rocking motion while pulling will aid in getting the connectors loose. Never pull on the wires of a connector to unplug it.

      Mount the power supply. Most housings allow you to slide the power supply in, and it will usually only fit one way. Make sure that any fans on the power supply are not blocked, and that you can screw it in from the back with all four screws. If you can't, then the power supply may be inserted incorrectly.

      Mount the power supply securely with all four screws before moving on. You can use standard ATX case screws if the power supply didn't come with any.

    5. Plug in the connectors. Once the power supply is secured, you can start wiring the interior of the computer. Take your time to ensure that no component is forgotten, and to place the wires in a way that doesn't interfere with system fans or cooling. You will likely have more connectors that places to connect to; try to tuck these extra cables out of the way.

      Connect the 20/24 pin connector to the motherboard. This is the largest connector on the power supply. Most modern motherboards require the 24-pin connector, while older motherboards will only use the first 20 pins. Some power supplies have a detachable 4-pin connector to make connecting old motherboards easier.

      Connect the 12V power to the motherboard. Older motherboards use a 4-pin connector, while newer ones use an 8-pin. This powers the processor, and should be clearly marked on the cable or in your power supply's documentation.

      Connect your graphics card. Mid- and high-end graphics cards will require one or multiple 6- and 8-pin connectors. These will be marked as PCI-E connectors.

      Connect your drives. Most drives use SATA power connectors, which are thin plugs. If you have older drives, then you will need to connect via Molex connectors, which are 4 horizontal pins. There are adapters to turn Molex connectors into SATA for older power supplies.

    6. Close your case. Once everything is connected, you can close of the case and plug your monitor and peripherals back in. Plug the power supply into the wall and ensure that the switch on the back is set to on.

    7. Turn on your computer. If everything is connected and powered properly, the fan on the power supply should turn on and your computer will boot like it normally would. If you hear a beep and nothing happens, then something inside is not connected correctly, or the power supply is not providing enough power to your components.

    Note:Please be sure about DC accurate output (such as : Voltage , Power 200W) or DC connector type or size (such as : ) before ordering.

    Caution : Please don’t waste your money time to purchase the low class or copy Adapter/Charger for your valuable Servers. You should choose a high-quality replacement AC adapter/charger by a regular manufacturer or be used original AC adapter/charger , Otherwise it may cause to harm battery and your valuable Servers also. is a professional manufacturer of alternative AC adapters/chargers. All AC adapters/chargers are of high quality and have no defects in materials and workmanship. We offer 1 year warranty and 30 days money back guarantee. You can buy with confidence.

    Safeguard: AC Adapter is the vital device for your valuable Servers. So, please be careful to buy this device from the market before ensuring the accurate output DC capacity (mAh) which is mentioned back side of your Servers. Inaccurate voltage and current (mAh) supply may cause of Servers’s performance and unstable voltage current (mAh) will damage your Servers’s motherboard, battery life and other integrated electronics parts. For this reason, when you choose an adapter for your Servers that meets all of the three requirements : (i) Accurate output voltage and current, (ii) Exact DC connector/tip size and (iii)Appropriate polarity.

    ISO-90001 ISO-90002
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    During the warranty period, if the DELL 517133-001 Servers adapter is completely dead, we will replace the adapter for you.

    Our Promises: is an online marketplace of replacement batteries, ac adapters and other products.
    We warrant that all products sold in our website are high quality and free from defects in material and workmanship.
    We warrant that all the items will be checked and tested for the second time before send it out.
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