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Anyone Can Download for Free the iOS 17 Developer Beta on the iPhone. Here's How

For the first time, Apple is allowing iPhone users to download the developer beta version of iOS for free. You can get your hands on iOS 17 right now -- for free. iOS 17 was first announced at ...

iOS 17 Will End Support for These iPhones. See if Yours Made the Cut

Not all iPhone users will be able to download Apple's latest software in the fall. If you're an iPhone owner, you're likely excited about all the changes coming with iOS 17. Apple previewed the la...

iOS 17 Finally Lets You Type What You Ducking Mean on Your iPhone

Your iPhone keyboard can learn curse words now. Nice. If you're tired of your iPhone keyboard always autocorrecting your swear words, you're going to love this new feature. At WWDC 2023 on Monday,...